Here are some commonly-asked questions about Everyday People dolls. If your question is not answered here, please send us a message via our Contact Us page.

1) Who are Everyday People?
As is noted in our Mission Statement: Everyday People is a community of characters whose mission is to bring happiness, understanding and a sense of self-worth to others. Like their real-life counterparts, each character embodies a unique set of abilities and skills that enhance the fabric of the community. Together, they form an intricate network of individuals whose very existence improves the world in which we all live.

2) What makes these guys unique?
Everyday People dolls are based on professions and jobs. Each member comes with a certificate of authenticity. The dolls themselves are adults and represent people who are currently working in their professions. Each doll comes with a booklet that expresses who the person is and why they do what they do.

3) Who are these dolls for?
Conceivably, they can be for anyone older than six since the dolls do come with some small parts. However, unlike most dolls that are oriented toward children, or the expensive dolls produced for adults, Everyday People characters can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Any high school or college student who is thinking of entering a specific profession, anyone who is already in one of the professions, anyone who works with or for someone in one of the professions or anyone who has a friend or loved one who works in one of the professions will be drawn to Everyday People® dolls. In addition, once you get your first one, you will probably want to collect all of them and create your own community of Everyday People inhabitants.

4) How many professions are there?
There are currently 66 professions planned, but that number may increase over time.

5) What is the size of the dolls and the boxes?
Each Everyday People doll is approximately 10 inches tall and comprises a soft-sculpted body that is fully posable. The head and forearms and hands are rotomolded vinyl for a soft, lifelike appearance. The eyes are a glass-like material that are very lifelike with great depth.

The customized boxes are each 12 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Each doll has a specific background panel that represents the place the person works. On the back panel of the box is a window that contains an eight page illustrated booklet that tells the doll’s story through his or her own words. Each doll comes with a certificate of authenticity that displays the number of your individual doll.

Since the dolls in the box are only 12 inches tall, they will fit neatly on any bookshelf or table. The dolls can be removed from the boxes and posed on a table or shelf edge, if you so choose. We believe, though, they gain something from being in a box that shows their natural working environment. Plus, we spend a lot of time and effort perfecting these sturdy double-walled boxes so it’s kind of a waste not to use them! The boxes are also a convenient size for storage in the event you run out of room for displaying your entire collection. And, as collectors know, dolls in their original boxes will be worth more as time goes on.

6) When will the next set be available?
Current plans are to release six new dolls within the next year.

7) Will there be male and female versions of at least some of the professions?
Yes. Many of the professions will have both female and male versions.

8) Will there be other races represented?
Yes. We foresee each profession having Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Latin, and Asian representatives. Each will have a unique name, booklet, clothing and accessories associated with it.

9) What is the cost of each doll?
Each doll will cost the same, reasonable $19.95 plus shipping and handling. On orders of more than $100, ground shipping is FREE anywhere in the continental US! Ohio residents will be charged an additional 6.75% sales tax (Sorry, we don’t like it either). If you need to expedite the delivery, overnight shipping and second day shipping will be available for a modest additional cost. We do not use shipping and handling charges as a profit center. The costs we pay are the prices you pay.

10) Why are some of the small parts banded to the dolls instead of being permanently attached?
We were afraid that during shipment, items glued in place could break off and ruin the look of the accessories. Many of the items can be “held” by the dolls without the need for any glue. However, a small drop of liquid adhesive, such as “Superglue”, can be used to permanently attach the items to the doll’s hands if you so choose.

11) If I want to place an order, how do I do it?
The easiest, quickest and safest way is to order on-line. Simply visit the shopping cart on our website, order the dolls you want and use your debit or credit card to get the dolls on their way to your home. Our shopping cart is secure so there is no risk of someone else obtaining or using your confidential information. And once you sign on, you can have your information saved so ordering the next time will be even easier! We also have a customer service center available 12 hours a day, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST and you may place orders there if you feel uncomfortable using a shopping cart. That number, for orders only, is 1-877-77DOLLS or

12) How long will it take me to get my doll?
Depending on where you live, ground freight usually takes two to five working days. Our corporate headquarters are located in Dublin, Ohio (suburban Columbus) so we are within 500 miles of more than half the population of the United States. Again, if you so choose, you may order overnight shipping for an additional fee. Our shopping cart contains all appropriate costs.

13) Do you accept suggestions for new dolls or ways to improve your products?
Absolutely! We want our dolls to accurately represent real people in the real world. If you have an idea for an Everyday People doll who might want to join our community or if you have thoughts about ways to improve our current lineup, please visit our Contact Us page and give us your suggestions.

14) Who will be in the next group of Everyday People?
• Alice the Accountant
• Beatrice the Beautician
• Danni the Dancer
• Denise the Dentist
• Fred the Firefighter
• Phyllis the Pharmacist
• Sebrina the Secretary

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