Lawyer Gift and Collectible – Laura the Lawyer Doll

Laura the Lawyer is a Collectible Doll for Adults and Children Age 6 or Older!

Exclusively from Everyday People Dolls, Laura is a Lawyer doll. She is a collectible Lawyer doll, a child’s Lawyer doll toy (for children age 6 or older), and makes a perfect Lawyer Gift for a professional Lawyer, an aspiring Lawyer graduate, or any Lawyer you may know! Buy Laura Today!

Laura’s Professional Lawyer Story

The field of law is one of determination, persistence, and endless opportunities. I am faced with monumental challenges and unexpected events, but the feeling of connecting the pieces of a puzzle, the evidence and witnesses, to protect my client is both exhilarating and essential.

Buy Laura the Lawyer

Laura makes a great Lawyer Gift

Professional Lawyer Gift

Laura is a doll who reflects the real-life of a Lawyer. All Lawyers such have a high-stress, demanding and very important career. Do you know someone in your life who is a Lawyer? Laura is a PERFECT gift doll for any professional Lawyer! She is great for the desk of a Lawyer or to display at home!

Lawyer Doll is a Great Gift for Aspiring Lawyers

Do you know a college graduate, a high school graduate, or anyone who has aspirations of becoming a Lawyer? Then purchase Laura the Lawyer to help encourage them into becoming a professional Lawyer! She is great gift for aspiring Lawyers.

Lawyer Doll Gift for Children Age 6 or Older

Not only is Laura a great gift for professional Lawyers, she makes a great doll toy for children age 6 or older! Children can play with the Lawyer Doll and it can be a good role model doll for them. They have vinyl faces, arms and legs and a soft plush body that can be molded for posing and playing. (She does come with small pieces such as her evidence piece, shoes, clothes and other small accessories that could be a choking hazard for children under the age of 6.)

Collectible Lawyer Doll for Doll Collectors

Some already collect dolls, but there have never been dolls like these before. Often people must choose between very expensive, large dolls and inexpensive, commonplace dolls. Laura is different. She is a professional collectible doll, she is 1 of 5 in the Everyday People Doll series. Laura the Lawyer is a must-have for all doll collectors.

Laura the Lawyer Accessories

Laura’s Height and Weight

  • Lawyer Business Jacket
  • Lawyer Shoes
  • Lawyer Suit Pants
  • Lawyer Evidence Piece
  • Book about Laura’s Professional Lawyer Story
  • Authentic background photo of a court room with the jury panel

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 6 in

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