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What makes Everyday People dolls different and desirable?

Everyday People dolls is a unique new collection of dolls. Until now, most doll collections have been in one of three categories:

  1. Items aimed at children
  2. Very expensive porcelain or vinyl dolls that represent children
  3. Cheaply made items that are inexpensive but not overly desirable

Everyday People are different. They represent a wide variety of professions and, as such, are meant for adults and children, the young and the young at heart. In fact, while we believe they will appeal to nearly everyone who sees them, there are three core groups of people who will especially appreciate them.

First are high school and college students who are considering certain occupations. What could be a more obvious reminder of what all that hard work is for than a doll on your shelf or desk that represents your chosen profession?

Second are the people who are already working in these fields. Whether you decide to buy one for yourself, a coworker, a boss or a friend, having a doll in your office or cubicle that represents who you are and what you do is a genuine expression of respect and gratitude.

The third group comprises the collectors. People collect a variety of objects, from salt and pepper shakers to automobiles, from jewelry to baseball cards. Some already collect dolls, but there have never been dolls like these before. Often people must choose between very expensive, large dolls and inexpensive, commonplace ones.

Everyday People combines the positive attributes of both. The dolls themselves are approximately 10 inches tall. When kept in their highly stylized boxes they require only 12 inches of shelf height. They will fit easily on most bookshelves and allow a large number in a fairly compact area. They can be removed from their boxes and posed since they have soft-sculpted bodies. And, at a cost of only $29.95 and FREE shipping, they are very affordable while being high quality products.

Each doll arrives at your door with a certificate of authenticity.

The first five dolls are available now and the line will expand over time. Right now our community includes:

A dancer will soon be on the way. After that, we will release the new people in groups of six. The plans for the next release include an accountant, a beautician, a dentist, a firefighter, a pharmacist, and a secretary.

The dolls all have rotomolded vinyl heads, arms, and hands for a very natural, lifelike skin. Many lower quality dolls use a two-piece die in production that creates a harder, unrealistic surface as well as a mold line that is very distracting. Each of the five heads is different rather than the one-design-for-everything approach.

The clothing is highly detailed as are the accessories. The eyes are high quality inset eyes with a sense of depth. Many cheaper dolls use painted eyes and have a flat, lifeless quality about them.

Even our boxes have been thoroughly researched and engineered. The interior box has a double-wall construction for a sense of heft and protection. It also allows our interior to be fitted with scenes that depict the environment in which the person works. The exterior sleeves contain individualized language and artwork that relate to that particular character and has a window for viewing the doll while in the box.

Each doll has his or her own story to tell and does so in an enclosed booklet that can be seen in another window on the back of the box. Nothing is taken for granted and every attempt has been made to produce something you will be proud to display in your home or office.

While we are very happy with our products, we know there are always ways to improve them. If you have suggestions for such improvements or if you have ideas for other dolls you would like to see in this collection, please go to our Contact Us page and drop us a note.

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